Well Rob had to do another podcast this week and he enlisted the help of Jake and Newty, from the NFW commentary podcast and Unholy Mofos. These 2 requested the Xpodables to rundown this Classic from Andy Sidaris , Hard Ticket to Hawaii. So , its only fitting for them to join Ballsac as they babble all over this flick. Along with whatever nastiness that happens to come out of their mouths. Sit back, grab some lube, and at least a box of Kleenex, and enjoy 3 nonsense ninjas talk all over Hard Ticket to Hawaii. 


Email : Xpodables@gmail.com


Twitter : @theXpodables


Rob : @darthballsac


Newty : @newty28


Jake : @jakethesnake54


NFW podcast : http://www.horrorphilia.com/category/nfw-movie-commentary-podcast/


Unholy Mofos : https://unholymofos.podbean.com/

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