Dan, Jason, and Rob, or how he will now be known as Ballsnitch, bring you a rundown of Killing American Style. A movie written and directed by Amir Shervan, who also brought us Samurai Cop, that we've done on a previous show. First, Jake kicks us off with some feedback and even brings back a marry, fuck, kill. Dan brings us the "question of the show" before the boys get into some trailer talk, of which they chat about The Dark Tower, War for the Planet of the Apes, The Defenders, and Ballsnitch brings up an idea for a retro trailer that we kick off with of The Terminator. The boys even offer up feedback for a retro trailer suggestion, so ask away Jake. Then the boys get into a some what chat about what they've been watching before completely gushing over Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. *SPOILER ALERT* They talk a lot and spoil most of the movie, but its worth a listen.

       Dan the gives Rob and Jason a good rundown of Killing American Style while they all chime in with their own versions of what should be added to the movie. Ballsnitch makes it all fall apart at the end though with his thirst for knowledge and gaping mouth to put the show and his friendship with Dan on the rocks.   ........ to be continued?.....


Next Up : 3 the Hard Way


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