Xpoda-Babbles Cover-Up

Sit back and listen to this. The boys are back. Ken, Dan, and Rob talk over a movie that no one has seen, and nobody should. Because its a boring ass movie. Even Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gosset Jr. can't save this story based something. Watch at your own risk. The nominated drink of the show is White Claw. We may keep this up, who knows.

Xpoda-Babbles : Batman

Guess what? No clue, but the fellas are back for Xpoda-Babbles to talk over Batman from 1989. Ballsac and Dan bring Ken into the fold as the guys experiment with recording in the same room and bullshit and joke over this classic comic book movie from their childhood. Enjoy!

All of our heroes wear masks and some just return from the dead. These guys want their gold and no they aren't pirates. Listen to Dead Snow 1 and 2.

Here's episode 19 of All My Heroes back in your earholes and escaping the wormholes.

Tyler and Emily talk some news, a top 5, craigslist freakshow, and a couple shark movies.

Holy shit, look what I found. haha something truly from the vault and straight into your earholes. Johnny, Burger Lee, Darthballsac, Tyler, etc for who else was on this episode talk about video games, cell phone games, and masterbation games.

Welcome to the first appearance of Jason! @strangeland_bls The beginning of something special and bromance of a lifetime. Oh yeah, Tyler and Jason talk about a couple Rob Zombie movies and get to know each other on their first date.

So there's this place where people like to go swimming and now people are being attacked by a damn shark! Nothing is ever safe around here with those All My Heroes Wear Masks kids poking around.

So these kids found more Texas Chainsaw Massacre to play with. We aren't sure where they're finding them. We are thinking they keep digging them up or something.

Those damn kids are back on the escalator again. I hope their pant leg gets caught and a bloodbath ensues. Oh yeah, they are also talking a whole lot of shit about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 & 4.

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