Xpodables : Iron Eagle

  Dan, Ken, and Rob get together to do their thing with another 80's classic, Iron Eagle. Don't think the boys knew what to do after the special ending they give you on this show, kind of electrifying. ( and a lot of hand signals ) The boys continue their venture with strange drinks and other things they like to put in their mouth.

The boys are back with a quick turn around and a slow edit. Dan brings us the choice of The Last Starfighter that Ken and Rob finally get to check out. Kick back and enjoy the boys putting their spin on this childhood favorite of Dan. Listen to the end to find out what we do next and if Dan stays on the medium kick.

Xpodables : Commando

The boys are back to give their rundown of Commando. Rob chose this movie and threw Ken and Dan off just because he is that strange. Sit back and laugh as the boys make things better or worse for Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alyssa Milano. Wait until you hear what happens near the end, haha. The next movie up, will be The Last Starfighter.

Xpodables : Top Secret

Dan, Ken, and Rob are back to talk about Top Secret. Dan gives the boys an impulsive question, which ties the whole show together. Sit back and enjoy the boys make their jokes and use most of the jokes from the movie, well... because they're funnier than we are. Next up, Rob chose Commando starring Schwartzenegger and Milano.

Rob, Ken, and Dan are back to rundown a Christian Slater classic, Gleaming the Cube. Of course put their little twisted ass take on the movie during the rundown, but that's the show! Enjoy a family friendly (as in this movie is about a family) rundown of a skater out to avenge his adopted brother's death. Slater just may "gleam the cube" and bring down something bigger than he thought, after his brother just couldn't leave the numbers alone.

Xpodables : Airborne

Dan, Ken, and Rob go a little old school and break things down to just reading our notes from Airborne. Enjoy the jokes, the stutters, and just ball busting that goes on with this group of merry men. The next episode will be Gleaming the Cube.

Oh shit. They're back. Yup, Ken, Dan, and Rob ( Ballsac ) are  back to talk over another fine piece of cinema. Well, .......

It's a movie Ken said we need to do and Rob and Dan had no problem diving into this choice starring Corey Haim. Everyone catch watch along on Youtube, Prayer of the Rollerboys from 1990. Who knows when we'll be back, or what the hell we'll do when we come back, but the thoughts near the end, possibly a rollerblade trilogy. So enjoy the gross profanity, potty mouth humor, and just nastiness of Dan, Ken, and Rob. Just trying to make each other laugh.

Tyler and Jason throw a wedge in the early parts of their relationship with a rundown of See No Evil. Oh, and they also rundown The Prowler.

Peeping Tyler here for everyone to hear on this quick show with the new co host Jason back to chat about a Peeping Tom. The voicemail number they say is new and shut down so don't bother calling.

Its official! Jason is the co host of All My Heroes Wear Masks! Yeah, that was years ago and now they sit in their rocking chairs just talking shit about movies to themselves. Miss those guys, so here's The Town that Dreaded podcast.

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